Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Morning Gabby

*this is not an illusion-I really do still have a cone head :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Asher started school as well this week. He is feeling like a super star with his new Batman bag. He had a great first day, although he is home today with a bit of a cold. He will be four in a few weeks-could it be?

I doing a little renovation on my blog spot so look for some changes soon. There are soo many cool blogs out there and I wish I could figure out how they do them. My sister bought me this sign and it has become the inspiration for my redo.

Monday, August 24, 2009


The day has come. Holden just got on the bus for his first day of school. No tears here, although I am wandering around the house unsure of what to do. Holden was a little spassy this morning. He was pretty much in the street waiting for the bus, and when he wasn't standing in the street he was rolling around in the wet grass. Ah...Mrs. D. is going to have fun with that :) Last night he was a a bit anxious. He said school was going to be hard and he wanted to try a different one. Sorry pal-it's the same any way you slice it.

Ok-the kid can't read, but I wanted to put a little something special in his lunch box so he knows we love and miss him. Maybe he'll ask his teacher what it says maybe he won't. He knows a heart means love so he'll get the idea.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Proud Mama

We are in our second week of swim lessons and the boys have done amazing. I loved to swim competitively when I was young and really love to see the boys enjoying the water. Holden jumped in the pool the first day and just started swimming after very little instruction. He just finally "got it" and there is no stopping him now. Today he was rocking the crawl stroke and I couldn't have been more proud.
Asher's lessons were more about getting over some of his fears, but by the end of last week he was jumping off the diving board-my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. He was a little distracted all week because he fell in love with his teacher. I'm pretty sure he pretended to not know how to float because he loved the way she held on to him. All my Cincy playgroup moms reading this know how Asher is with the ladies. He'll make lots of excuses to get touched and loved :)

My Suburban Cottage

I do not have my dream kitchen. In fact my kitchen is in no way shape or form anything close to my dream kitchen, but I have learned to live with what I got. Like the boys like to say(as taught to them by their cousins), "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit"-words for me to live by in my little suburban cookie cutter home. Todd and I have been working hard to give this place some personality. We have a very tight home improvement budget(like not 30 thousand dollars) and so our changes are small, but hopefully have a big impact. We added knobs and pulls to the kitchen cabinets and I think they look great. Now, before I go any further I have to give my husband a BIG shout out because he did not want to do this little project, but put on a happy face and drilled away at nearly a million(ok-more like 40) cabinets and drawers. He did them perfectly, and I am happy. On to new flooring(to replace white vinyl-gross) and maybe even a new counter top. Just between you and me I would also like all my appliance to cough and die(although not all at the same time) so I can replace them with shiny stainless ones :)

darn hormones

Say it isn't so-I got a little teary eyed when I opened the teacher assignment letter from Holden's new school. STOP THAT SARAH! I refuse to cry. I have practiced my dance. The big show is only 21 days away and I am ready-emotions don't fail me now. It is no secret that I have waited for Kindergarten to start since Holden was 18 months old, but it could possibly be that I am actually sad(along with overjoyed) that this is about to happen. I think I am just unsure what life will look like exactly with Holden at school all day. He has been our social director for over 5 years and we have all...well...gotten used to that. Things around here are certainly going to be different.