Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

what's going on

I just had to share to share this picture. Todd always complains that I never put him on the blog, and I have to laugh because when I do blog about him it is always because of some silly picture. Anyways, Todd broke his glasses(obviously) and he was devastated about it. He went to get them fixed and some how came home with a free pair for me. Thanks Toddy!
No-this is not a tumor. It's a baby! I'll be 10 weeks on Tuesday. Looks like a girl to me ;)

Asher spent Saturday afternoon with Todd doing truck stuff. He is a total trucker in training, which is kinda scary to say but I guess his dad turned out ok. How about a trucker with a college education.

Happy Birthday Holden! I can't believe this little dude is 5 today. He had a great weekend full of friends, gifts and special treats. Birthday Beagle delivered all sorts of presents today. For those of you not familiar with Birthday Beagle(a tradition I snagged from Corie)he is a dog that leaves special gifts on your birthday-makes total sense to me.

Holden had a party with 11 of his closest friends(I'm crazy) at an indoor playground. The kids were awesome and it was fun to have all those little boys running around. It was without any major disasters and we didn't lose anyone's kid.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a close up for Mom


I have a lousy cold today-bugger! It is probably the the last nice day of the year-80degrees-and all I want to do is sit and blow my little red nose. Despite my ailments, today has been a pretty productive one. I had no choice I guess. I volunteered to have a new member social at my house for MOMS Club later this week, so I had to keep myself on track. I don't want to a freak come Wednesday. The boys spent most of the morning at various neighbors houses and that gave Todd a chance to hang my barn pictures! Yippee! He did a fabulous job, they are perfectly centered and spaced. He always claims I don't appreciate how hard this sort of stuff is, but I really do. I started to measure things out and it made my head hurt even worse than it already was. So a big THANK YOU to Toddy.

this room has major work yet to be done. How long do you think it will take me to get something for all these ridiculous shelves. Good Lord people-I check books out from the library-what the heck am I going to put there. The walls are still waiting for paint, the ceiling fan needs an update, as does the fireplace. The list goes on and on, BUT I love my barns.
It just wouldn't be Fall without mums on the front porch. It is starting to look like a virtual pumpkin patch at our house. I have had to scatter them throughout our landscaping because there is no more room on the porch. Holden came home this afternoon with another. I am going to be one tired mama come carving time.
So I am making a few little things for this MOMS deal on Wednesday. I am crazy for white pumpkins. And I don't need to explain my obsession with tags-you're all well aware :) I glittered a pumpkin(Martha Stewart's line at Michaels has beautiful glitter) and have wrapped the forks and knives. These MOMS chicks don't know me that well. Chances are they will go home thinking I'm a little freaky. I'm not freaky, I'm just have a thing for paper.

Friday, October 10, 2008

changing tastes

At the gym earlier this week I spotted the spinning instructor wearing socks with the Grateful logo on them. Needless to say it brought back memories for me, as I was(for a short time) a Dead Head. He(the spinning instructor) proceeded to start the music for his class. I am no expert but it seems as though dance/rap/drums/upbeat music would be a good selection to get people moving and spinning in a class. What did he have on-Tom Petty. This too brought back memories, because after I was a Dead Head I then started to like Tom Petty, Eric Clapton-you know-old guys who used to be cool. Apparently this instructor and I were the same age and had the same taste in music-like 17 years ago! It just got me thinking about how you think life's going to be and how it actually ends up. When I was sixteen I was certain that I would be some hippie mama, driving my kids around in a VW bus and living in a commune. I wasn't a very big hippie, I was more of a wanna be hippie voyeur. I loved the Grateful Dead, went to several of their concerts(what the hell were my parents thinking) and to be perfectly honest-smoked plenty of pot(don't worry-my kids will never see this blog). I went on to love other bands, even moved to Seattle in hopes of marrying a grunge rock star(huh-that totally didn't pan out). SO what is my point? I don't have one, he just got me thinking about life and the things you love and the things that you easily give up to have other things. I wonder what this guys story is. Is he reliving his teenage adventures every time he straps on his spinning shoes and subjects his students to lame music. Does he wish that his life had turned out differently. or is that what I think would be the case if I were still listening to that music. Is he just a die hard fan, and can't part with his concert socks. Maybe I have tye-dyes packed away that I have forgotten about. Maybe I should start listening to the Dead while driving around with my kids in my 'minibus'. That makes me laugh. I think I might try it and see how it feels.

I actually had a hard time just picking one favorite.