Saturday, October 11, 2008

a close up for Mom


Meri said...

Nice house!!!!!!

sherri Hays said...

Sarah- Congrats--so glad you are havin' another!! Secretly wishing you to be a "Mom of three boys" it's a wonderful club--but also knowing a girl would be a lucky little thing to have you teach her the proper way to "be a Lady"!So happy you and Becca will be doing this together-so awesome to share that (maybe complain together a little)with your best bud!!You are amazing..your decorating, your words, your crafts...fantastic!! All stemming from your beautiful attitude about life--based in gratitude I can tell!! What a Mom! Hang in there--it is a great thing to watch your kids grow up and to see them in a loving relationship with someone..or with the world in general, and feel like you gave them a "little" something to use when navigating life!! Take care of you!! Sherri Hays