Sunday, October 26, 2008

what's going on

I just had to share to share this picture. Todd always complains that I never put him on the blog, and I have to laugh because when I do blog about him it is always because of some silly picture. Anyways, Todd broke his glasses(obviously) and he was devastated about it. He went to get them fixed and some how came home with a free pair for me. Thanks Toddy!
No-this is not a tumor. It's a baby! I'll be 10 weeks on Tuesday. Looks like a girl to me ;)

Asher spent Saturday afternoon with Todd doing truck stuff. He is a total trucker in training, which is kinda scary to say but I guess his dad turned out ok. How about a trucker with a college education.

Happy Birthday Holden! I can't believe this little dude is 5 today. He had a great weekend full of friends, gifts and special treats. Birthday Beagle delivered all sorts of presents today. For those of you not familiar with Birthday Beagle(a tradition I snagged from Corie)he is a dog that leaves special gifts on your birthday-makes total sense to me.

Holden had a party with 11 of his closest friends(I'm crazy) at an indoor playground. The kids were awesome and it was fun to have all those little boys running around. It was without any major disasters and we didn't lose anyone's kid.


K said...

Congrats Sarah! I'm so happy for you. It looks like a girl to me too :) Hope you are feeling well.

Happy Birthday Holden!

Murillo Family said...

Congratulations to your family! It looks like a girl to me too. Happy Birthday to Holden-glad he had a great day.

Tina Egbert said...

taOh my!!!! Congrats! I hope it is a girl you and the boys will have a lot of fun with a little girl! Please tell Holden Madison and I said Happy Birthday it is so hard to believe he is 5 already, the boys are getting so big and now there might be a little exciting.
God Bless, and lots of love to the family.

Meri said...

Nice pictures! My brother is a dork!!!!! :)

Satunas4 said...

Congrats!!!!! I'm so glad your back to blogging. I've missed you... Tell Holden Happy Birthday!!!!! I knew you would be next on the baby train. It just has to be a girl. That's what you ordered right??? Tell all hello from the Satunas'. I'll be in Iowa some now that my husband works there. Maybe we can get together....:)

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to you Holden! You (and your brother) are the handsomest boys around! Sarah, I just knew, knew, knew you'd be expecting soon. Yahoo, I think I saw the beginnings of some pink glitter and bows on that picture... congratulations.

Corie said...

Holden, Happy Birthday to you! Katie and Maddie hope that you had a great day. Katie misses you!
Happy that the news is out! It has to be a girl I have a lot of clothes to give away.

Beth said...

We missed you last weekend in MN. We had a wonderful time with Bruce and Jodi and they said they were traveling for Holden's birthday ... what fun. Congrats on baby #3. That was my "organization breaking point" ... laundrry remained on the couch for those who wanted something clean to wear they just found it on the couch and as far as meals were concerned they came from a can or box no more from scratch. Blessings, Beth

Stephany Anderson said...

Congrats Sarah and Todd on baby. I hope you have a girl. They are so sweet. She will have Todd at her beck and call. Just think of the all of the cute clothes that you finally get to buy. There just isn't much out there for boys.
Take care.