Friday, February 24, 2012

giving some blog love

It's hard to believe that we have lived here nearly two years and I have never posted a picture of our basement guest room.  Can it be that I have neglected to share my little pink room? Well, here's a small tour before I get busy getting it done{it's been hanging out half way finished for way too long}.  We painted earlier this fall and did some minor adjustments in the bathroom. 

A mother of three boys needs a pink room. I don't even like pink that much, but in the name of all things feminine, it must be done.

 Yes, that is indeed my portrait hanging in the corner.  Painted when I was fourteen.  It scares me, but I inherited it when my dad moved last month and for him I will try to enjoy it.

The bathroom has a ways to go.  Anyone{mom} want to sew me skirt for the sink.  The plumbing is a little more than I want to look at.

A staging area  is what this room is best used for, although I do think our guests appreciate not having to sleep in the boy's bunk beds. Those look like summer clothes don't they?  Yep,  organizing my beach ware for a Bahamas vacation!  We {Todd and I}leave a week from Sunday.

I splurged on a swimsuit this year.  By splurge I mean I bought one at a department store and not Old Navy.  I had to get it.  It met all my requirements for a suit.  A thick band at the bottom, a ruffle, and padding.  All the necessities to camouflage a flat chest.  Now I just wish the bottoms could camouflage what's going on below the waist, but they don't make swim trousers so I'm out of luck.  I'm having dreams that I'll be stopped on the beach by the crew from "What not to Wear", but it's too late to worry about that now.  I'm taking my chances in hopes that there are bigger messes on the beach than me{and never taking off my swim coverup should help!}

Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

when all else a recipe

I have major bloggers block.  I keep thinking of things I want to post, come over to the computer and just stare off into space.  In an attempt to fee myself from my mental laziness and get the ball rolling again, I decided an easy post will do. 

I make lots of banana bread.  According to my sister my mom used to do that too when we were growing up{I was too busy being the baby to notice anything}.  The inability to gage the weekly banana consumption must be hereditary then, because I always have brown nanas on the counter.  I pretty much think plain old banana bread is just about  prefect, but once in a while I like to change it up.  

  recipe here{note: I use two eggs instead of egg substitute and I use sour cream instead of yogurt}

  Come on spring{maybe warmth can break this girl's block}!

Monday, February 13, 2012

{finally}afters: the sunroom and laundry room

For the record, an "after" picture is hard to get of a ceiling.  Especially one that is shiny and white.  But, hopefully you can get an idea of how nice it looks...



{not a picture of the ceiling, but thought I should show the whole room since it is a tour of sorts}


The laundry room makes for a little more dramatic "after" pictures...



Thank you Toddy for all your hard work!  {I would thank Handyman Pat here as well, but he doesn't read my blog ;) }

Friday, February 10, 2012

gettin' the job done

Do you ever feel like you have tried every gadget, every system, every approach with your children and the results are sometimes more frustrating than not doing anything at all?   Take organizing and cleaning up  toys.  I have seriously tried every bin, every contraption, every approach to help my children keep their things tidy and it wasn't until recently that everyone figured it out.   The same has happened with chores. Sometimes listening to myself yell around about getting jobs done is more than I care to listen to.  I have not paid allowance, I have paid allowance.  I have made job lists, I have simply told them what to do.  Sticker charts, potty mouth fines, groundings, special treats, time out, with holding things, giving extra....all these systems can wear a mom out.  Through all my experience and experimentation, I have found the only thing not frustrating is maturity{theirs, maybe mine too}.  When they are old enough to handle it *gasp* it actually works.  

  This is our job chart{a suggestion from 320 Sycamore} that is working{for now}

I believe it works for one reason and one reason only.  It looks fair.  Visually they know that things are even, and they know that the next week their sibling will have their jobs and I think that makes my "why do I have to do everything" kids feel good. 

I also gave them a raise. I pay allowance for these jobs.  All other jobs are simply responsibilities and always subject to change.  I know there is a huge debate about allowance.  I feel it is a very real world lesson.  You work, you get paid. 

In addition to a raise, I told them I would take them shopping once a month to spend their money{in the past they have begged to go to Target to spend the 2.00 burning in their pockets}.  It is suggested that they save and give from that money.  Some more maturity may be needed to joyfully grasp that concept. Saving and giving are things adults struggle with, I can grant them some grace with that lesson. 

So for now, we have getting the job done harmony.  I'm going to sit back and enjoy it while it lasts.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

favorite things: Valentine's day edition

I'm in the mood for love.  Well, honestly I'm in the mood for the sun on my skin and the swimming pool, but pretty things in pink and sugary treats will do for the moment...

 Tulips are simply perfect on the mantel  after busy Christmas decorations are put away.

Strawberry and Chocolate puts me in the mood{for more strawberries and chocolate...what did you think I was talking about?}

It's important to tell the people{or coffee} in your life how much you love them.

The most glorious shade of pink.

My dad is getting married this summer{oh yes he is!} and shades of pink are requested in what we wear.  My older sister encouraged me to start shopping now{thank you older sister}, am I ever glad I did.  This Banana Republic dress should be on it's way to my house.  On sale and sure to please the bride{thinking turquoise jewelry}.  I am clearly influenced by my house plants.

Happy {early} Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

sneak peaks

We are crossing projects off our list and it's getting exciting!  Here are a few peaks at what I{and Todd} were up to last week.  There were paintbrushes and paint guns getting used and abused.  Nothing is totally done yet, but you can start to see what it's all going to look like.

 After the purchase of a very handy{so my husband tells me} paint sprayer the laundry room projects are in place.

Painting a return is the worst paint project I've ever done.  Some things need to be hung and then our entry way may actually be inviting.

Vanity, mirror and shelves have been painted.  On a search for something to hang on the walls in the master bath 

Todd and I are just about feeling like this with our house projects-HAPPY they are done.  I don't think our celebration will including hitting each other with sticks like these two.

Happy Monday!