Wednesday, December 31, 2008

oops... he did it again

Happy New Year! I am proud(?) to say my husband went out tonight looking like this. Blue leisure suit, cowboy boots, and the best part-my Junior High Cheerleading Squad portrait t-shirt. OH MY! He is feeling pretty sexy. I certainly don't have to worry about him getting ANY attention at the bars tonight. And the leisure suit isn't the only reason why. Todd and his other college buddies stuck in their adolescences not only dress like this, show up to all the DM hot spots on a party bus they have been doing beer bongs on(remember those-funnels and a tube), but then they proceed to let off stink bombs(yes-I said stink bombs) and laugh hysterically at every one else's expense. They dance with groups of single women on the dance floor and top the night off with Barry Manilow karaoke(they all have routines). Last year I witnessed this madness and that is why I am home right now, ready to pop in a movie and actually enjoy myself. Todd is sure to have a wonderful night. He'll be home at 3:00am to tell me about it. He'll come home(don't worry he always takes a cab), he'll have to call me from the front yard because he has forgotten the garage code, he will sneak in the door giggling to himself about all the nights shananigans, snuggle up into bed, start telling me about all the pranks and people they pissed off, and then fall asleep in 2.2 seconds. I, on the other hand, will spend the rest of the night awake thanks to awesome pregnancy insomnia.
I am glad Todd has so much fun with his buddies. This whacked out night is the equivalent to my nights out with girlfriends drinking wine, talking hair and clothes, with a big piece of chocolate cake at the end(needs to happen more!). I will ultimately get the last laugh when I send the kids in to wake him up around 9:30am. He will be suffering for days I am sure.
So Happy New Years everyone. I hope you are spending the evening exactly where you want to be just like me :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funnies by Holden

-After getting off the phone with my friend Corie today, Holden asked me how she was. I said she was good and getting ready to have her baby in a few weeks. We have been talking a lot about babies lately. I try to tell him honestly how they are born(not made) and that kind of stuff. I thought he was beginning to understand until later in our conversation about Corie. I said something about scheduling the babies delivery and he replied in a very surprised voice-YOU MEAN THEY COME IN A BOX!?

-The kids have heard me talking a lot lately about wanting a Wii for Christmas(Todd thinks it's crazy and refuses to get it). the following conversation is one Holden had with one of the neighbors.

Kristen: Holden are you ready for Christmas?
Holden: Yep!
Kristen: What's your mom asking for this year from Santa?
Holden: Weed

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

for the birds

Holden is crazy for our Advent calendar. This year I tried to get a little more creative and put notes, projects, and little gifts in the slots rather than just sweets. Surprisingly he likes the projects more than the chocolates-who knew. On Sunday we covered pine cones with peanut butter and bird seed, and hung them on the trees outside. We don't want to forget about our little feathered friends this time of year.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Finishing up on the last of my little craft projects I wanted to get done for Christmas. I have found that my favorite decorations I bring out every year are often the ones I have made. It is fun to think that next year I will frame a picture with another little rug rat in it. Oh my gosh-I love those shining faces!

I had been searching for an ornament kit this year and was so sad that Basic Grey(scrap brand) didn't have anything this year. BUT, was fortunate to come upon a blogger that has lots of fun ideas. She made the round ornament from playing cards, which I plan to do for next year after I buy a smaller round punch. Here are the links to her blog for directions, pictures and more ideas. I think you'll like her.

Here is a peak at what my brain looks like while I am crafting. It's no wonder I never actually scrapbook-the process would be too painful. This desk will look like this until January 1st. I guess I just have to accept that I'm a spreader when it comes to getting creative(you should see the floor). I think a lot of people(Cory) may be surprised by this. You may be familiar with my clutter phobia, but anything goes in this room.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

For Mom

My mom and I talk a couple times a week a lot of times about decorating, traditions, and food. Since we won't be together for the holidays, sharing pictures is a great way to feel apart of the celebration. So here is what our Christmas tree looks like Mom :)

Friday, December 5, 2008


Erin and Jane

Nancy, Olivia and Holden getting ready to chow down!

We spent Thanksgiving in Kansas City(love that city) with Todd's Dad and stepmother Jody, along with her kids and their families. Bruce and Jody are awesome. I think I've blogged before about how I love to visit their house because they take such good care of us. It is one place I can actually relax and the kids have enough to entertain them that they don't cause problems. Not everyone is pictured, but Jody has four kids, plus grandkids-it is a big group. Being the youngest of a family with much older sisters, I always wanted that feeling of lots of people around at holidays, the way it looked at other houses and it never happened. I think that is why I love to visit their house especially at Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for having such a nice family to be a part of.


Jody's granddaughter Erin is like a rock star to the boys. Little Asher especially gets weak in the knees around her. She is a great girl-the kind that makes you want to be 20 again(not all young girls make me feel this way, some make me happy to be far from it). She goes to the University of Vermont and is excited about life and that is fun to watch.

We went to Science City while in KC. The boys were happy to get diggin' for dinosaurs.

I think they are going really fast. Hold on little dude! Holden's driving mantra is "put the pedal to the medal". Wonder who he takes after?


Jody took me to a local antique mall. A seriously beautiful one, it made the Armadillo look junkie. It was like music to my eyeballs. Jody bought me these Santas(there are 12 total-all from different countries) for Christmas. I have them on my book shelves this year, but hope to find a more special display for them next year as they are so neat all together. Loving them!

Also found a snowflake made from old fence posts. I wish my walls were painted a better color(lots of work to do in the new year) so it would show it better. It is way cute and you guessed it-I'm loving it!