Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funnies by Holden

-After getting off the phone with my friend Corie today, Holden asked me how she was. I said she was good and getting ready to have her baby in a few weeks. We have been talking a lot about babies lately. I try to tell him honestly how they are born(not made) and that kind of stuff. I thought he was beginning to understand until later in our conversation about Corie. I said something about scheduling the babies delivery and he replied in a very surprised voice-YOU MEAN THEY COME IN A BOX!?

-The kids have heard me talking a lot lately about wanting a Wii for Christmas(Todd thinks it's crazy and refuses to get it). the following conversation is one Holden had with one of the neighbors.

Kristen: Holden are you ready for Christmas?
Holden: Yep!
Kristen: What's your mom asking for this year from Santa?
Holden: Weed


K said...

Those are too funny! It's amazing what they hear and how they interpret it!

The Wii is alot of fun, hope Santa brings you one.

Jenny said...

Weed, I love it! I hope you get a Wii, I think the Wii fit would be a ton of fun. Hey, I just remembered they used to say babies were brought by the stork, so a box isn't too far off.

meri said...

Too funny!

Murillo Family said...

Too funny! Oh, to be 5 again!

Mom & J said...

Good morning!
Is it cold there?
We love the story and the action of the little men in red white and
blue. It will be even better when the whole team has landed. We know you will do a great job of teaching them to sort it out.
Break bread, drink wine and make the right moves for a great day!

Love from mom & J