Friday, December 5, 2008


Jody took me to a local antique mall. A seriously beautiful one, it made the Armadillo look junkie. It was like music to my eyeballs. Jody bought me these Santas(there are 12 total-all from different countries) for Christmas. I have them on my book shelves this year, but hope to find a more special display for them next year as they are so neat all together. Loving them!

Also found a snowflake made from old fence posts. I wish my walls were painted a better color(lots of work to do in the new year) so it would show it better. It is way cute and you guessed it-I'm loving it!


mer said...

Neat!!!!!! Miss you blogging!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

I want one too! That snowflake is so awesome. Your tree looks so pretty.