Thursday, July 24, 2008

just an Iowa girl

I had been searching for barn pictures for a while and mom and I finally stumbled upon some. I was in love instantly. Ever since we had moved to Cincinnati I was in love with farms. Maybe just the Iowa girl in me was missing home, or I was inspired by Joanie's farm in back of us. Not sure, but I had developed a new passion for cows and red barns. These are still hanging in the store-I have a couple months to pay them off. The artist who painted them hardly wanted to let them go, she practically was in tears. I assured her that I would take very good care of them. And when my husband takes me across the country for yet another job(inevitable), I can take a little more Iowa with me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

summer lovin'

Too much time has passed since my last entry, I'm not sure where to start. We have moved, we are adjusted to the neighborhood, we are enjoying summer. the highlight for me has been a visit from my mom. It had been a whole year(way way way to long) and we had all been missing her. The boys were excited to have her here. Holden even suggested she move in. We boogied all over Des Moines. We hit all of our favorite places and even found some new ones. She helped me start decorating my living room. I had ordered a love seat and she helped me form a vision for the room. We were crazed maniacs at the Brass Armadillo(my new favorite antique mall) We seriously went there three times, walked probably 5 miles searching and researching for items. I walked away with a great red chest for my entry, a white bench for my kitchen table, and some original barn art that is darling. Then she started dragging things out of my basement and garage. Mom really should have been an interior decorator. I guess she is in a way -she's mine! Love you mom-thanks for all help xoxoox

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

can't wait to get back

Finally getting settled in the house. Starting to paint, look at some furniture, change all the gold light fixtures etc. The kids are great. They love the neighborhood, and all the extra room to play. We decided to go wireless and ordered a laptop(it won't be here for a couple more weeks) and being computer less is driving me crazy. The worst part is I haven't been able to check any one's blog-bummer. I'll be back to blogging soon, don't forget about me!