Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where It's At

Limbo is not a beautiful thing, but this GPS is.  We are in Knoxville for a couple days this week and the kids and I have tootling around town thankfully going all the right direction because of the woman's voice in this thing.  A really lonely person who drives a lot could start to consider her a friend.  When I blog that I'm headed out for a girls night out with my BFF Ginny P. Smith go ahead a book a flight to come and see me because I really need you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

If Love Was Measured In Paper Crafts

I love making cards for my kids birthdays. In our roller coaster ride of a life the past couple of weeks I was unable to get Sloan's card out as an invitation-instead a thank you. This is a card I will love looking at for years to come.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I have three kids, Martha only has one

When I had a third child something happend in my brain. A good thing, not just loss of matter, but the capacity to better judge my reality. Reality was that I could not make a cake this year. In years past I probably would have been stubborn enough to try and put myself completely over the edge doing so. I like making the cake, but if my brain says order one, let's hope it is always this adorable.

Birthday boy getting ready to rip. Well, he didn't actually rip. He just banged.

Scenes from a party

Becca, Chris, Colin, Ty and Eden

Aunt Meri

Grandpa Frank and Kyrie(my dearest friend from high school)

The twins

Sloan and his favorite girls from the neighborhood-Kerrigan(Michael's big sister and the boys favorite babysitter Tori.

Our last week

Our last week in DM was rainy and cold but we manages to have some fun. The boys love it when their PaPa pretends to push the car out of the driveway. Tons of laughs-tons.
One last play date with Michael

"Monkey" lunch with Holden's kindergarten class. Holden says he is going to miss Mrs. D. the very most.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Well, this might be my last post for a while. We are headed toward our last week in DM. The packers come next Monday and the truck will be loaded on Tuesday. Then we all head to Kentucky(get ready Scott!) until we get possession of our house on June 1st. Things are a little crazy at the moment. Sloan's 1st birthday party is planned for Sunday morning. Who the heck plans a party right before they are moving across the country? It's a low key event, but you know I can't keep myself from crafting. This is the beginning of my edible table scape. I know, it looks like my preschooler painted it, but I had fun.
Behold my packing station. Today I just circled the house trying to figure out what to put in here for the couple of weeks we are in limbo. So far all I have gathered is bathing suits and sunscreen. sigh.

We spent Mother's Day at the zoo. These two look like they brushed their hair with pillows. #37 on my to do list this week is hair cuts.

I was lucky enough to be treated to breakfast out for Mother's Day by my Dad, but one thing I love about being a mother is baking for a small crowd who appreciates yummy coffee cake. I am on a quest to use up everything in the freezer and I always have too many bags of blackberries. Holden pretty much talks about how wonderful I am all day when I make this. I envision lots of opportunities to bake for my boys and their packs of grungy little boy friends. I will love every minute of it.

Look at this baby...who isn't such a baby anymore. He has started walking and today he seems to have made major progress. He is taking more than ten steps and he is super proud of himself. I love you baby.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh yummers

When I was a little girl a friend of my mothers and I would read a book together where the little pig in the story referred to all his favorite treats as "yummers". I have no idea what the title of the book is, but yummers has been my favorite expression as well for all my special treats since then. This is my newest yummers. I have always been a hummus fan, but Sabra has taken to a new level for me. Even my kids love it-like a lot love it. We fight over it. You can see I have practically licked this container clean. I'm that kind of snacker. One year when I was little my mother found me hiding in the closet gorging myself on Easter chocolate. That is pretty much what I do with this hummus(ummm..lots of childhood references today no surprise they are about food). Anyways, what I love about this hummus is it isn't very hummusie-if that makes any sense. It must be why my kids like it. The texture is richer, smoother and tastier-just like the label says!! I found it at Super Target and also Hy-Vee if you are local to DM. The single packs are perfect for sack lunch with pita chips. And if my picky eater kids love it I can almost guarantee yours will too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ok, you all must have been using your very best prayers for me because look...that's our new house! I'm back from Knoxville and just got news this afternoon that our offer has been accepted on this little house in Rocky Hill.
I have to say that my trip to Knoxville was great. I was fortunate enough to have wonderful Realtor and it all came together perfectly. You know when you just feel God's hand at work. Chills. We actually found two houses that we were more than pleased with, and in the end this came to be ours and when I showed the kids I couldn't help but cry because it is a magical little place.
Now, I keep using the word little, and I should probably use the word different instead. When we were making our plan to move to Tennessee we decided to go in different direction than we had previously when buying a house. It only takes a few moves and the loss of a lot of money to make you rethink what you had done before. It is normal to want a house that offers more than you had, more square footage, a better neighborhood, upgraded this and that. After watching the housing market sink and slide we decided we felt more comfortable buying a house that was under 200,000 for a lower mortgage and better sell ability...just in case.
So, this house is going to be a new experience for us. It is different than our suburban neighborhood packed with kids and summer block parties. It is quite, and wooded, and calm. The kids are going to have to play and socialize differently. They are going on a new adventure in every way and honestly the best one may be in their backyard. I feel really hopeful that different is going work for all of us.
For more pictures, follow this link. I'm pretty sure my blog can now be dedicated to decorating a well preserved house built in the 60s. I will have plenty to post about :)