Thursday, June 23, 2011

I couldn't stay away

I had so much fun catching up that I'm back again this week to share a recipe!  It's been a very rainy week so I have certainly had a little more down time and what better way to spend it than cooking.  This cobbler recipe was given to me several years ago by Grandma Jody-a shout out to her is well deserved as she has given me several very yummy recipes over the years.  This is a wonderfully easy cobbler that is just different enough from the boring old fruit with oatmeal crust cobbler, and easy enough to make for any last minute summer barbecues your headed to. 

Holden likes his with ice cream, but it is truly sweet enough to stand alone.

{don't tell but we also like to eat it for breakfast, minus the ice cream of coarse...}

Pineapple Blueberry Cobbler

In a greased 9x13 pan layer:

1. Dole crushed pineapple 20 oz.
(drained lightly)

2.  3 cups fresh or frozen blueberries

3.  Dry yellow cake mix

4.  2 sticks butter melted

5.  6 oz. chopped pecans

6.  crumble brown sugar on top

Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes(check at 35)

So, while I'm on a role I thought I would also share what I'm cooking this week for dinner.  Many blogs are so great about sharing menu ideas which I always appreciate and I thought I would do the same here.  Ideally this would be on a Monday...shall we pretend...

Monday: Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce + fruit salad{Pioneer Woman}-I cheated and used store bought pesto.

Tuesday: Tex Mex Cheesesteaks + Chips + Salad{ Rachel Ray}-I use roast beef instead steak-umm scares me.

Wednesday: Chicken Tacos + black beans and rice

Thursday: Lemon Linguine with Grilled Chicken {Cup-a Cup-a}

Friday: Breakfast Burritos { Pioneer Woman}

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June{in no particular order}

Just a little update for my people(family and a few others).  Todd cracked me up when I told him I was taking a blog break this summer, he was genuinely concerned about my fans.  I know your out there fans and I love you for reading my blog.  I'll be back this fall with what I'm hoping is a better blog, until then here is what we've been up to so far this summer...

 Todd has by far been the busiest this month with our backyard project. He started by grinding stumps.  At this point the yard was looking crazy and I couldn't quite get a vision of our plan...

He built a retaining wall and ran new drainage through the yard. I was still nervous...

then more clearing out...

  a big truck dumped four loads of dirt on our driveway. 
The boys were in heaven.  I was checking the weather report for rain, luckily it was just blazing hot...

someone was very happy...

Todd was happy too.  He loves a reason to bring trucks home.  At one time he had a dump truck and the tow truck parked here.  Apparently skid steers are the bomb...

it was all coming together.  The flat space at the end of the property will be the playground area. I love it...

but he wasn't done yet.  A plan for a winding path made for more work...

 he had some help...

 and this is where we have stopped for now.  Not because we want to, but because it's too hot to grow grass.  I'm not really sure what will happen if we have a rainy summer, I guess the dog will be absolutely filthy, not to mention three boys who can't possibly stay out of the mud.  This project has kept us busy, but we have been able to fit in a fair amount of fun as well....

***warning I'm about to give a sappy smoochy shout out to my husband, if you get grossed out by PDA turn your head. *** Toddy, you are the very most blog worthy man I know and I love you for countless reasons.  Your drive to make all things wonderful because you want me to be pleased is truly amazing. Thank you so much loving me completely, providing such a wonderful life for us and tirelessly giving 100% in all that you do. Our boys are fortunate to have such a role model as a father and I am fortunate to have a husband that wants me to grow and shine. I love you. 
 Holden has spent June on the Knoxville Youth Track Team.  He loves it, and although the first meet was a little drama filled(a seven year old pouting gets my undies in a bunch real fast), I am happy he has found a sport he's enthusiastic about. 

A rainy day made for an inventive game-apparently booby trapped to keep mom out.

Our busy schedule has made easy cooking essential.  Pioneer Woman's 16 minute Shrimp Scampi(recipe here) was yummers and in possibly more like 12 minutes.

We have been to the pool several times a week thanks to the 90+ temps.  The boys will be a wonderful shade of brown in no time. This is Jen(Todd's boss' wife), we love her.

Goggles are Sloan's pool toy of choice. 

Holden spent a week at Zoo Camp.  His counselor couldn't believe his passion for animals, I couldn't believe they didn't mistake him for a monkey and lock him away.

I'm head over heals with this boy.

We've had a birthday party every weekend and the boys have been thrilled.  Asher adores his friends and wouldn't you know it, they adore him.

The mom who threw this party was crafty-I like her.

Have you ever roasted peppers?  Just do it...

and make this delicious dish(recipe here) served with warm crusty bread.  Invite your neighbors over for a
bottle of wine. Maybe even two.

Action is happening in the kitchen.  I finally scrapped the wallpaper off(dreaded horrible chore), have made a decision on white paint(Benjamin Moore Simply White), and my beloved husband has suggested that WE paint the kitchen instead of the perfect professional painter I was crazy for.  I guess I'M going to be the busy one in July.

I ordered new drapes for the dining room, which lead  me to painting the wall they hang on, which will require me to change the slip covers on the parson chairs, which will then make me love the drapes. Decorating is never done, and when it is, I will want to move.

Hello bright white kitchen and warm cozy living room.   A new inspiration picture to add to my pile.

It's been great catching up.  I'll be back...