Monday, December 3, 2012

week{or two}in review

I have been wandering around my house, and this review I'm posting is an attempt to make me feel like I've accomplished something in the last week and a half.
 i ordered my Christmas cards by December 1st!
do you k now why I ordered my Christmas cards by December 1st? 
 because I laid the family picture idea to rest 
that does not mean people were any more cooperative
 it was however, much easier to fake "merriness" individually.
{i believe with all my heart that in 15 years this person will cooperate}
the leaves are a fallen in East Tennessee. Cleaning up after these trees was not something we considered when we bought this house.
lots of times I thank my lucky stars for all our cheap labor.
this Fall Holden started mowing.
Todd only yelled at him like 50 million times before he got it right
a major improvement from a trial run this summer.
ahhh, the joys of family life.
Todd has himself new lawn toy.
  {it's safe to say Todd will be yelling 5 trillion times when Holden straps this thing to his back}
Holden had his first dog sitting job over Thanksgiving
i have never really considered getting a small dog before but she was kinda fun

{meet maiden}
i don't want to become one of those weirdo dog people, but I saw a different side of myself when she was over
my family should  be scared
this is my latest craft project
{Christmas card scrapbook}

this project has been sitting on our dining table for two weeks
i think it is the reason I'm wondering around my house
i haven't decorated for Christmas yet either
we don't even have our tree up
i'm not feeling very inspired
i'm also a touch lazy
 everyone is sick so that's my excuse
Todd was in bed for three days straight
i just can't wait to get what ever he had
i've taken to drawing on the walls as an exercise in avoidance

actually Holden had some buddies over and I was eavesdropping on their conversations from the top of the stairs
drawing on the chalkboard seemed like the perfect cover up
did you know 9 year old boys talk about atomic farts A LOT
i'm not sure what I thought I was going to hear, but all and all I was pleased
speaking of my 9 year old
we had a "date" on Sunday
he escorted me to The Nutcracker

{asleep before we even got there}
WOW, he looks thrilled
oh my gosh, you should have seen his face when I told him what we were doing on our afternoon out
he hung in there, he won't admit it but I think he had fun
truth be told I think he was watching so intensely because he was hoping for one of the dancers to fall into the orchestra pit.
it kinda makes me laugh to think how cool he would have thought that was
ahhh, the joys of bringing up well rounded children
something else happened for him to add to his list of life experiences
a trip to the emergency room for stitches...well actually glue
He fell up the steps last week and split his forehead open
it became a life experience for Todd as well when he got to take him to the hospital
dads should always be in charge of blood and such
{just what will this boy look like with braces!?}
he was brave
he's told anyone who will listen all about it
he is his father's son!
Have a happy Monday y'all.  I'll be back later this week.