Wednesday, March 26, 2008

school days

Spent some time taking pictures in Holden's classroom earlier this week. What a crazy looking bunch of kids. Check out the little girl with her tongue hanging out-what a nut! Holden is happy to be back at school after a little break. Mason is back at school as well. The little guy has just about lost all his hair(in the back row), but hanging tough it looks like. I really can't stop thinking about him and his family. It seems to be such a roller coaster ride of emotions for them and I just cry for his mother sometimes. Two weeks ago he was in the hospital because of a fever and ended up spending a week there and had a blood transfusion. Then everything seems OK for awhile until the onset of another infection. I really admire that they have tried to keep everything so normal for him when they could easily be scared to send him out the door into a sea of germs. And as they stare cancer in the eye, they feel blessed that it isn't worse. Their attitude has put a lot in perspective for me lately.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another fun filled day with the cousins. How lucky am I to have three extra moms around. I love listening to the girls argue over who gets to get the boys shoes on, who gets to hold their hand and buckle them into the car. And a total bonus for me is I can actually have some interesting girl talk with them and they love to sing all the popular music in the car. It is fun to have them around. morning snuggles

Look at this form! And look at those shoulders. I don't think it will be a bowling scholarship-more like football :) They were too cute helping Asher bowl. He would haul his ball to the line, they would all push it, wait for like two minutes for it to reach the pins, and then high five each other profusely. This is the first time the boys have bowled. Holden was all about it. He was feeling very accomplished(the bumpers were up) and proud of his new found talents until he realized after the first game that we were keeping score...time to go. This is how you drive your mother insane

Monday, March 17, 2008


The cousins(as Holden calls them) are spending a couple of days with us over Spring Break. Holden and Asher are pleased as punch to have their full attention. The girls are great at playing and loving on them. And I totally enjoy the boys following someone other than me around the house! The weather is awful and I feel bad for all the teenagers who are forced to walk around the mall pretending it is warm outside because they aren't in Florida like the rest of their friends. It is only like 38 degrees, but you know half of the town is in flip flops and freezing their buns off. The joys of growing up in the Midwest :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hey Bad Guys-consider yourself WARNED!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Aunt Meri! Almost forgot, then remembered and forgot again-sorry Mer :) We love you xoxo

feeling better

Finally out and enjoying the sun. What could be better than a big
sloppy mess for two messy sloppy boys. Rubber rain boots are on my Target list! Go Little Tree Buds GO!!!
A secret trip to the Easter train for Asher. Shhhh...don't tell big brother
Thanks Grandpa Frank for the B-ball jerseys. They will wear them with pride!Monsters, monsters everywhere. Holden has been in a very creative mood for several weeks. He is painting up a storm, wrapping the house in packing tape, obsessively printing color sheets off the computer, and folding scraps into jungle animals. I am busy hiding all his creations in the recycling bin.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thanks so much for your special prayers for Mason.
Todd is out of town and I have a cold. A gave up on kleenex, and have resorted to just a roll of T.P. The kids are crazy today. Is it a full moon or something? Holden is seriously out of sorts. He is always loud, but today he is like at 10+ and my ears are even plugged up from my cold. It has basically turned into a free for all and I'm going down with the ship. H-E-L-P!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've gotten a little grief for not having Trucker on my blog. It is pretty amazing he hasn't made it in any pictures before this, as he is always practically on top of us. This dog is more human than dog and most definitely the biggest baby in the house. He will be seven this fall and in his old age he has gained unreal confidence. He has lots of nerve, especially when it comes to food. He used to beg, somewhat politely. But when Asher was born, he decided to take matters concerning food into his own paws. This is where you find him most of the day, stalking the boys for crumbs. When they turn their heads for just a second, his head is on top of their plates. If they happen to be engrossed in morning cartoons, forget it-he just dive bombs their crotch for half chewed toast. The best part is they don't even notice. It has become second nature to have Trucker's long nose all up in their business. I would like to tell you that Truckers behavior doesn't bother me, but truth be known he drives me wacky. Not really wacky in a hateful way, I have lots of love for my first born :)but wacky in a sort of emotionally frazzled way. It started when I was pregnant with Holden and Trucker was competing for my spot in bed, and it has gone on to include digging for China in the backyard, skunk chasing escapades, poop tracking new carpet, and my favorite - stuffed animal burying under ever pillow of the house. He is one of a kind for sure. He will drive me bonkers for years to come, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Well I wouldn't mind if he had better doggy manners, but other than that I wouldn't want it any other way. Oh, and maybe he could stop trying to attack the UPS guy, and then there is the fact that he won't eat crumbs on the ground-he requires a plate...
One of Holden's close buddies at school has been diagnosed with a rare form of muscle cancer. He is four years old. Spent part of this afternoon reading posts that his mother has written on his hospital website. I am so sad.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend in Review

  • Friday night pizza and movies

  • Lazy Saturday morning family snuggle

  • Trip to Target just to browse the toy isle

  • Girls night out with Becca and Lindsay

  • Favorite steak salad at the Star Bar

  • Sunday morning trip to HyVee/boys and Todd had 2ooo calorie breakfast at the cafeteria

  • 60+ degrees Sunday a.m.

  • Spotted Grandpa Frank in his driveway breaking up the ice wearing shorts :)

  • Boys over to Grammy's for a playdate

  • Fell in love with a house but not the price-won't be mine
  • Holden covered in mud from building a "river" with Grammy's neighborhood big boys

  • 30 Degrees Sunday at 6pm
  • 3 new inches of snow