Wednesday, March 26, 2008

school days

Spent some time taking pictures in Holden's classroom earlier this week. What a crazy looking bunch of kids. Check out the little girl with her tongue hanging out-what a nut! Holden is happy to be back at school after a little break. Mason is back at school as well. The little guy has just about lost all his hair(in the back row), but hanging tough it looks like. I really can't stop thinking about him and his family. It seems to be such a roller coaster ride of emotions for them and I just cry for his mother sometimes. Two weeks ago he was in the hospital because of a fever and ended up spending a week there and had a blood transfusion. Then everything seems OK for awhile until the onset of another infection. I really admire that they have tried to keep everything so normal for him when they could easily be scared to send him out the door into a sea of germs. And as they stare cancer in the eye, they feel blessed that it isn't worse. Their attitude has put a lot in perspective for me lately.

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Satunas4 said...

Sarah- Where have you been ?? It's been so long since you have written on your blog. I love reading it!!!!!! Hope all is going well

Bobbi jO