Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another fun filled day with the cousins. How lucky am I to have three extra moms around. I love listening to the girls argue over who gets to get the boys shoes on, who gets to hold their hand and buckle them into the car. And a total bonus for me is I can actually have some interesting girl talk with them and they love to sing all the popular music in the car. It is fun to have them around. morning snuggles

Look at this form! And look at those shoulders. I don't think it will be a bowling scholarship-more like football :) They were too cute helping Asher bowl. He would haul his ball to the line, they would all push it, wait for like two minutes for it to reach the pins, and then high five each other profusely. This is the first time the boys have bowled. Holden was all about it. He was feeling very accomplished(the bumpers were up) and proud of his new found talents until he realized after the first game that we were keeping score...time to go. This is how you drive your mother insane


Meri said...

I just love reading this every morning/day, this way I keep up on things! And its cute!!

Meri said...

Keep it up!

Jenny said...

Zoe says, "eewwww!" I am glad you have this memory preserved. You'll be laughing about it someday, say in about 40 years or so.