Wednesday, March 12, 2008

feeling better

Finally out and enjoying the sun. What could be better than a big
sloppy mess for two messy sloppy boys. Rubber rain boots are on my Target list! Go Little Tree Buds GO!!!
A secret trip to the Easter train for Asher. Shhhh...don't tell big brother
Thanks Grandpa Frank for the B-ball jerseys. They will wear them with pride!Monsters, monsters everywhere. Holden has been in a very creative mood for several weeks. He is painting up a storm, wrapping the house in packing tape, obsessively printing color sheets off the computer, and folding scraps into jungle animals. I am busy hiding all his creations in the recycling bin.


going places mommy said...

Rubber boots are great. Maddie wears hers ALL the time.
Tell Holden, "Great picture!"

Jenny said...

We need rubber boots too, I could superimpose my kids in that snow picture, same situation here. Don't you love being able to take you little guy on some secret trips, just you and him? I do.