Saturday, February 28, 2009

it might take more than a little bit of luck

I have 87 days(not that I'm counting or anything) to come up with my master plan on how to raise these boys in a house that dreams of harmony and peace. Three of them. When I found out we were having a third little dude I found comfort in the fact that God surely has a plan for me. I am meant to be the mother of three boys-I always knew I would be and it was coming true. Not that I doubt God, but there are some days when the two hulagins I have already are fighting and I am at my wits end wondering how to make this work. Boys take a lot of energy-energy that doesn't come all that naturally for me. It involves talking A LOT(mostly about expectations in public), working things out, understanding where they are coming from, encouraging them to be them selves, not stomping on their little boy spirits, physically restraining them from time to time before they land another jab to their brother, letting them be rough and adventurous, watching them ride down the street like Evil Kanevil in a strange game of "out due the neighbor kid", keeping yourself from breaking up the latest wrestling pile because someone is going to loose an eye-but that someone seems to WANT to loose an eye(in boxing don't they only call a fight when there is a TKO or too much blood?-I've taken to those guidelines) Basically it takes a lot of work for a girl to just let a boy be a boy(this applies to husbands as well-the other boy in your life).
So here are the three books I have collected to help me understand my role with these boys. Thanks Bec for the little bit of humor with the House of Testosterone. This is the book I decided to tackle first. It has made me laugh out loud several times already, and then I had to put it down for a couple of days because of the chapter about the author's three boys fighting all the time. So wish me luck, pray I gain some insight, and feel free to give me unsolicited advise :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I hope this isn't what your doing

This is what complete boredom has brought me to. Cleaning way before it's spring. I made the mistake of putting-magic erase all base boards-on my to do list and then I couldn't
ignore it. I want it crossed off my list so bad that I started the horrible chore this week. So it's three magic erasers later and have only done four doors and one hall way. It took me the better part of my afternoon and I have to say it was total torture. I only have like 2000 sq feet left to do.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


On yet another trip to the Brass Armadillo I was able to find JUST what I was looking for-I love it when that happens. My plans are to paint this chest and use it as a changing table in the baby's room. It is the perfect height and although the details at the moment are pretty feminine, once it is a soft blue(my new favorite paint color is Washed Navy by Ralph Lauren)it will be all boy. I'll be sure to post after pictures, you know-for my mom :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

valentine teacher treats

Holden has his Valentines party today at school. He has signed all his Transformer cards to give his friends. We covered pretzels with chocolate and sprinkles for a little special treat for his teachers. The hearts were made from crayon shavings in between wax paper and then ironed on low and cut to shape. I love that little crafty project.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

summer revisited

I downloaded pictures from an old camera yesterday and was reminded of all the fun we had last summer. It just gives me such hope to know that someday soon we will be tanned and fancy free. Here is what I love about this picture-other than it is of my handsome husband and kids-I have a body! At the moment I am a vessel, my body is certainly not my own. Although I love being pregnant- I also love those white jeans :)

yummy tan kissable skin

The July visit from my mom was one highlight of the summer. It was wonderful to have lunch at one of my favorite Thai restaurants with her and one of my oldest friends Kyrie.

Grammy and the zoo lovers checking out Rosie the elephant. You can't see it in the picture, but she has the cutest little baby named JP.

I love this kid in the color orange

truly sorry I ever went to Build A Bear with the boys(short expensive fun) for a special back to school treat. Holden is pretty sure he gets to go every new school year-not in this economy!

The very best part of the summer-ahhh... no more town house living.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a new toy?

Last year at about this time it was "the box" that had my boys getting creative and playing crazy games. This year it is "the rug" that has them building hide outs and inventing silly scenarios. I guess in the dull drums of winter it just doesn't take much to get them excited. I feel the same way when I organize this time of year. A basket with a new purpose can make my whole week!

This is a rug I ordered(on clearance-yea me) from Target, along with the bedding in the picture below. I am starting to think about how little Fleaner's(what we call him-a funny name that Todd brought home from a business meeting) room is going to look-or feel more importantly. I like all the different shades of soft blue. It goes with the general look of the upstairs. In a way I have color coded the boy areas upstairs, as H & A's room has similar shades as well as the bonus area. Any room that doesn't have blue-stay out or else!!