Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I hope this isn't what your doing

This is what complete boredom has brought me to. Cleaning way before it's spring. I made the mistake of putting-magic erase all base boards-on my to do list and then I couldn't
ignore it. I want it crossed off my list so bad that I started the horrible chore this week. So it's three magic erasers later and have only done four doors and one hall way. It took me the better part of my afternoon and I have to say it was total torture. I only have like 2000 sq feet left to do.


Murillo Family said...

ugg! I did that a few weeks ago (before my in-laws came/before the cruise). It was so gross that I promised myself not to let it go so long next time. Why does it have to get so yucky anyway!?! But, it does look SO much better that I'm glad it is done-hang in there!

Jenny said...

I hate this job too. Sister, your preggo self should so be pawning this job off onto someone else. Or better yet, wait until new baby is born and then when you completely forget about doing it, you'll have a good excuse.