Saturday, February 28, 2009

it might take more than a little bit of luck

I have 87 days(not that I'm counting or anything) to come up with my master plan on how to raise these boys in a house that dreams of harmony and peace. Three of them. When I found out we were having a third little dude I found comfort in the fact that God surely has a plan for me. I am meant to be the mother of three boys-I always knew I would be and it was coming true. Not that I doubt God, but there are some days when the two hulagins I have already are fighting and I am at my wits end wondering how to make this work. Boys take a lot of energy-energy that doesn't come all that naturally for me. It involves talking A LOT(mostly about expectations in public), working things out, understanding where they are coming from, encouraging them to be them selves, not stomping on their little boy spirits, physically restraining them from time to time before they land another jab to their brother, letting them be rough and adventurous, watching them ride down the street like Evil Kanevil in a strange game of "out due the neighbor kid", keeping yourself from breaking up the latest wrestling pile because someone is going to loose an eye-but that someone seems to WANT to loose an eye(in boxing don't they only call a fight when there is a TKO or too much blood?-I've taken to those guidelines) Basically it takes a lot of work for a girl to just let a boy be a boy(this applies to husbands as well-the other boy in your life).
So here are the three books I have collected to help me understand my role with these boys. Thanks Bec for the little bit of humor with the House of Testosterone. This is the book I decided to tackle first. It has made me laugh out loud several times already, and then I had to put it down for a couple of days because of the chapter about the author's three boys fighting all the time. So wish me luck, pray I gain some insight, and feel free to give me unsolicited advise :)


Jenny said...

You can do it! A good book, faithful friends and alcohol (lots of it) are all you need! Just kidding, don't panic, H & A will love their baby so much, they won't wrestle him for a couple years at least! :) You were meant to be these boys' mama.

Becca said...

love you and you will do just fine!