Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a new toy?

Last year at about this time it was "the box" that had my boys getting creative and playing crazy games. This year it is "the rug" that has them building hide outs and inventing silly scenarios. I guess in the dull drums of winter it just doesn't take much to get them excited. I feel the same way when I organize this time of year. A basket with a new purpose can make my whole week!

This is a rug I ordered(on clearance-yea me) from Target, along with the bedding in the picture below. I am starting to think about how little Fleaner's(what we call him-a funny name that Todd brought home from a business meeting) room is going to look-or feel more importantly. I like all the different shades of soft blue. It goes with the general look of the upstairs. In a way I have color coded the boy areas upstairs, as H & A's room has similar shades as well as the bonus area. Any room that doesn't have blue-stay out or else!!


Jenny said...

I love it. Love the shadowy pictures, turtles are my favorite so this is rockin' in my opinion. Isn't it funny how kids will play with anything but their toys!?

Murillo Family said...

Love the bedding, that's from Target!?! I say we ditch the "toys" (you know all that plastic junk that creates chaos in our homes and lives) and let them have some real fun with the stuff they actually play with. You are such a good mommy! P.S. SO sorry i missed your birthday, your gift will be on the way soon!