Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend in Review

  • Friday night pizza and movies

  • Lazy Saturday morning family snuggle

  • Trip to Target just to browse the toy isle

  • Girls night out with Becca and Lindsay

  • Favorite steak salad at the Star Bar

  • Sunday morning trip to HyVee/boys and Todd had 2ooo calorie breakfast at the cafeteria

  • 60+ degrees Sunday a.m.

  • Spotted Grandpa Frank in his driveway breaking up the ice wearing shorts :)

  • Boys over to Grammy's for a playdate

  • Fell in love with a house but not the price-won't be mine
  • Holden covered in mud from building a "river" with Grammy's neighborhood big boys

  • 30 Degrees Sunday at 6pm
  • 3 new inches of snow


going places mommy said...

I love the house too! The perfect house will come.
This weather is crazy. I soo enjoyed Sunday's weather too.

Jenny said...

The house looks so nice. I know you guys will find your dream home, it will come... your weekend sounded like ours, a little fun and excitement, we were minus the snow. Take care!

Meri said...

Nice house! Lots of space!

Satunas4 said...

The house looks great!! It was wonderful weather here on Sun. The boys were in shorts. But now it's back to cold weather. YUCK!!! I can't wait for spring.. I've got the fever. Hopefully it will be nice in INDY this weekend as we are off to Tony and Cories Friday night. Tell the boys hello and Take care!!