Thursday, March 6, 2008

Todd is out of town and I have a cold. A gave up on kleenex, and have resorted to just a roll of T.P. The kids are crazy today. Is it a full moon or something? Holden is seriously out of sorts. He is always loud, but today he is like at 10+ and my ears are even plugged up from my cold. It has basically turned into a free for all and I'm going down with the ship. H-E-L-P!


Jenny said...

Get well soon Sarah, our playrooms are mirroring each other right now! I recommend a full day at the spa as soon as Todd gets home!

K said...

Oy! I have a cold too and "they" are saying snow day tomorrow. I will go INSANE! I hope Todd returns soon.

Meri said...

Funny! I love your Blog!!!!!! Its fun to look at every morning to see if any new has happened!

Keep it going!