Monday, May 17, 2010

I have three kids, Martha only has one

When I had a third child something happend in my brain. A good thing, not just loss of matter, but the capacity to better judge my reality. Reality was that I could not make a cake this year. In years past I probably would have been stubborn enough to try and put myself completely over the edge doing so. I like making the cake, but if my brain says order one, let's hope it is always this adorable.

Birthday boy getting ready to rip. Well, he didn't actually rip. He just banged.


Jenny said...

Ok, adorable cake, I can't believe you didn't make it, totally looks like one you could do. What sweet pictures from your party. Sloan is so cute, SWAK buddy! That picture of PaPa is cracking me up!

Tullia said...

wowzers thats cute!