Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ok, you all must have been using your very best prayers for me because look...that's our new house! I'm back from Knoxville and just got news this afternoon that our offer has been accepted on this little house in Rocky Hill.
I have to say that my trip to Knoxville was great. I was fortunate enough to have wonderful Realtor and it all came together perfectly. You know when you just feel God's hand at work. Chills. We actually found two houses that we were more than pleased with, and in the end this came to be ours and when I showed the kids I couldn't help but cry because it is a magical little place.
Now, I keep using the word little, and I should probably use the word different instead. When we were making our plan to move to Tennessee we decided to go in different direction than we had previously when buying a house. It only takes a few moves and the loss of a lot of money to make you rethink what you had done before. It is normal to want a house that offers more than you had, more square footage, a better neighborhood, upgraded this and that. After watching the housing market sink and slide we decided we felt more comfortable buying a house that was under 200,000 for a lower mortgage and better sell ability...just in case.
So, this house is going to be a new experience for us. It is different than our suburban neighborhood packed with kids and summer block parties. It is quite, and wooded, and calm. The kids are going to have to play and socialize differently. They are going on a new adventure in every way and honestly the best one may be in their backyard. I feel really hopeful that different is going work for all of us.
For more pictures, follow this link. I'm pretty sure my blog can now be dedicated to decorating a well preserved house built in the 60s. I will have plenty to post about :)


Meri said...

Pretty house! Lots of space!

Jenny said...

Yeah, so glad you had a nice trip. We are going through the same thoughts/ideas about our upcoming move, whenever it may happen. I love the idea of a fixer-upper. You will do marvelously. When is the move? I love all the trees in the photo btw.

Kristin said...

The house looks wonderful, just like what we are looking for here. I know that you will do a wonderful job fixing it up. I can't wait to see all that you do so that I can copy you :)

Murillo Family said...

It looks so peaceful- can't wait to see how you add your touch!

Stephany Anderson said...

Looks like a very cute house. Love the backyard.
I also like your realator's name. I didn't realize my husband was living a double life! JUST KIDDING!! Congrats.