Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh yummers

When I was a little girl a friend of my mothers and I would read a book together where the little pig in the story referred to all his favorite treats as "yummers". I have no idea what the title of the book is, but yummers has been my favorite expression as well for all my special treats since then. This is my newest yummers. I have always been a hummus fan, but Sabra has taken to a new level for me. Even my kids love it-like a lot love it. We fight over it. You can see I have practically licked this container clean. I'm that kind of snacker. One year when I was little my mother found me hiding in the closet gorging myself on Easter chocolate. That is pretty much what I do with this hummus(ummm..lots of childhood references today no surprise they are about food). Anyways, what I love about this hummus is it isn't very hummusie-if that makes any sense. It must be why my kids like it. The texture is richer, smoother and tastier-just like the label says!! I found it at Super Target and also Hy-Vee if you are local to DM. The single packs are perfect for sack lunch with pita chips. And if my picky eater kids love it I can almost guarantee yours will too.

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Jenny said...

My favorite is the roasted red pepper kind, super yummers! You will love it, it will be just for you, might be too spicy for the kids. On some triscuits, oh heaven! I am going to the store later, guess what I am picking up?!