Thursday, July 24, 2008

just an Iowa girl

I had been searching for barn pictures for a while and mom and I finally stumbled upon some. I was in love instantly. Ever since we had moved to Cincinnati I was in love with farms. Maybe just the Iowa girl in me was missing home, or I was inspired by Joanie's farm in back of us. Not sure, but I had developed a new passion for cows and red barns. These are still hanging in the store-I have a couple months to pay them off. The artist who painted them hardly wanted to let them go, she practically was in tears. I assured her that I would take very good care of them. And when my husband takes me across the country for yet another job(inevitable), I can take a little more Iowa with me.


Murillo Family said...

I love these too, and they would go PERFECTLY in Logan's farm bedroom (to be completed for his 3rd birthday). Maybe Todd will drag you to the Houston area-hopeful thinking :-)

Meri said...

Bout time you wrote! Got tired of checking your blog everyday and nothing to read! :)

Jenny said...

OMG, I love these too. As I have gotten older, I have developed this crazy idea that I should be a farm girl (without all the work of course, just the cute house/barn and animals). I don't blame the artist for having a hard time letting them go, they are truly awesome.

Lisa said...


So excited to see all of you in August! And I can't wait to see the house in all it's splendid decor.