Sunday, August 10, 2008

6 great things that happened this past week

  1. Holden is riding his bike without training wheels. He has turned into a total dare devil which is scary to watch, but I am so pleased to see his new found confidence.
  2. Asher and I started to plan his third birthday party. The park shelter has been reserved and his favorite part so far is the van cake tin we just received from ebay. Wish me luck on the decorating.
  3. I finally found a chair for my living room. We went to a furniture store in Boone(a small town about 30 minutes away) and the chair was like on clearance and then some. I was giddy. I think the original price tag said 999.00(ridiculous) and the sale price was 179.00-hip hip hooray! it needs a little tweaking-the tailored skirt MUST be removed-but for that price I can do tweaking.
  4. Todd finished the main floor bathroom for me. He hung the new light fixture, put the cabinet back together(I painted them white)and put the nobs on. I just have to paint the molding to go around the mirror.
  5. We had a chance to have dinner with Grammy and PaPa on Wednesday. We celebrated Grandpa Frank's birthday at the Tavern on Thursday. And on Friday we visited Becca and the boys in Stuart.
  6. We made it to church on time. This never happens. We are the worst at getting out the door. My usual idea of "on time" is pulling out of the drive way at the time I am supposed to be arriving. It has been an impossible habit to break. But this morning we were actually early and we didn't have to kill each other doing it.


Murillo Family said...

I'm glad to see you're back! What a great weekend.

Corie said...

Happy to hear all is well.