Monday, August 25, 2008

The need for speed

After a very long week-Todd in Ohio and California, me holding down the fort-the boys had a chance to blow off a little steam on the lake. Why is it that boys are so different than girls? The intensity, the ego, the all around barbaric nature of these boys is almost laughable. My pediatrician once asked if I understood my husband better since the birth of my two boys. The smirk on his face said it all-no matter the age, at the core boys are all about four years old. Go ahead and try to argue it-it's impossible! I have pages of proof. But here are a few of my most favorite facts concerning the maturity of my boys and husband(love you Toddy!)

- It is always my husband who starts the basket wheelies at the grocery store
- Todd's place at the table is as dirty as Asher's
- the rev of any engine(even from a mini van) gets cheers and chants for more
- "poopie" is their favorite descriptive word
- the toy section at Target is destroyed after Holden and Asher walk the isles, but even worse when Todd is with them
- there is no such thing as watering the grass, it is just a ploy to start a water fight
- Their need to win, travel at top speed(on a big wheel, car, motorcycle, truck, office chair with wheels-what have you)make you laugh, and gross you out is how they gage whether or not it was a great day.

so my pediatrician was right, I do understand my husband better now that I have boys. It is all basic, primal stuff I wake up to every morning. Four boys(including my bossy dog) are all looking at me as I climb out of bed to face my day. Sometimes I'm not certain I will survive this(day, year, boys in general),it's guaranteed I will be exhausted, but undoubtedly entertained. As the toys whizz by my head, I am tackled to the floor and karate chopped at the knees, I am so glad that they are amazing boys(big and little) and forever grateful that I am a girl!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah!
I love reading your blogs and I have to say you have a wonderful way a putting your life in focus and sharing your stories, I can just see the boys doing just what you discribe.
Love Tina from Cincy

Jenny said...

Amen to that sister!

K said...

I second that Amen!

Beth said...


It was so fun to meet you and the boys last weekend. We are so happy for Matt and Lisa and for us to be welcomed into your wonderful family. It is true as Lisa has said you are an amazing writer ... Blessings, Beth

Lisa said...


So FUN seeing you last weekend and hanging out with the boys (all of them) we had such a great time at dinner and at the lake. I am sure you have your hands full but also the most fun ever. I just love those little guys and you are an amazing and beautiful mother. Thanks for the great times and tell the boys their aunt Lisa can't wait to see them again!


Satunas4 said...

I can so relate Sarah.. But it is a lot of fun having boys..