Saturday, September 6, 2008

Birthday Party Bliss

I only have a few birthday tricks up my sleep and I used them all for the ninja party. You've all seen these tricks before, but I just crack myself up when I do this stuff . I just never get tired of putting my kid's and dog's head in silly places(I'm easily entertained). Anyways, Asher liked them and that makes me so happy :)


Murillo Family said...

LOVE it! I'm gonna steal your make your own mix idea for Logan's party next weekend! Of course it is a "cow birt-day". Thanks for posting I love keeping up with you this way.

Corie said...

Cute idea! You are always so creative.

Jenny said...

I love these! I might have to steal some ideas... thanks for sharing. I wish we could be together and share more creative ideas.