Monday, December 8, 2008

Finishing up on the last of my little craft projects I wanted to get done for Christmas. I have found that my favorite decorations I bring out every year are often the ones I have made. It is fun to think that next year I will frame a picture with another little rug rat in it. Oh my gosh-I love those shining faces!

I had been searching for an ornament kit this year and was so sad that Basic Grey(scrap brand) didn't have anything this year. BUT, was fortunate to come upon a blogger that has lots of fun ideas. She made the round ornament from playing cards, which I plan to do for next year after I buy a smaller round punch. Here are the links to her blog for directions, pictures and more ideas. I think you'll like her.

Here is a peak at what my brain looks like while I am crafting. It's no wonder I never actually scrapbook-the process would be too painful. This desk will look like this until January 1st. I guess I just have to accept that I'm a spreader when it comes to getting creative(you should see the floor). I think a lot of people(Cory) may be surprised by this. You may be familiar with my clutter phobia, but anything goes in this room.

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Jenny said...

Shocking but beautiful! I love your framed picture. I feel the same way about homemade decorations. My favorites are the ones the kids have made, especially the ornaments.