Wednesday, December 31, 2008

oops... he did it again

Happy New Year! I am proud(?) to say my husband went out tonight looking like this. Blue leisure suit, cowboy boots, and the best part-my Junior High Cheerleading Squad portrait t-shirt. OH MY! He is feeling pretty sexy. I certainly don't have to worry about him getting ANY attention at the bars tonight. And the leisure suit isn't the only reason why. Todd and his other college buddies stuck in their adolescences not only dress like this, show up to all the DM hot spots on a party bus they have been doing beer bongs on(remember those-funnels and a tube), but then they proceed to let off stink bombs(yes-I said stink bombs) and laugh hysterically at every one else's expense. They dance with groups of single women on the dance floor and top the night off with Barry Manilow karaoke(they all have routines). Last year I witnessed this madness and that is why I am home right now, ready to pop in a movie and actually enjoy myself. Todd is sure to have a wonderful night. He'll be home at 3:00am to tell me about it. He'll come home(don't worry he always takes a cab), he'll have to call me from the front yard because he has forgotten the garage code, he will sneak in the door giggling to himself about all the nights shananigans, snuggle up into bed, start telling me about all the pranks and people they pissed off, and then fall asleep in 2.2 seconds. I, on the other hand, will spend the rest of the night awake thanks to awesome pregnancy insomnia.
I am glad Todd has so much fun with his buddies. This whacked out night is the equivalent to my nights out with girlfriends drinking wine, talking hair and clothes, with a big piece of chocolate cake at the end(needs to happen more!). I will ultimately get the last laugh when I send the kids in to wake him up around 9:30am. He will be suffering for days I am sure.
So Happy New Years everyone. I hope you are spending the evening exactly where you want to be just like me :)

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meri said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!! Todd looks funny!!!!!!! :)