Friday, January 2, 2009

one step back

I just have to post a few pictures from Christmas before I move on to a new year and new projects. We had a great month of December, this was the first year that I can say I really accomplished all the things that were on my enjoy Christmas wish list. I was so happy that between Thanksgiving and Christmas I did not step foot into the mall(except to see Santa) and felt very unaware of what the rest of this crazy world was doing. We had a chance to see all the Des Moines relatives and Holden and Asher would certainly say early Christmas at the lake house was a highlight for them. They got to see their cousins, and there was a bat flying around the living room right before our big Saturday evening dinner. They talked about it for days. I shivered about for days. Santa did a great job this year(he is patting himself on the back right now). The kids loved their gifts and he refrained from going over board which made him feel good. Fun was had by all and now I am looking forward to a very productive January(thank goodness my nesting instincts have kicked in).

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Meri said...

Cool pictures!