Sunday, January 18, 2009

happy to put that one behind me

This week proved to be productive yet painful. One I am going to file under forget, even though I did accomplish what felt like a mountain of work, the pain of watching my friend hear the worst news of her life left me breathless. Becca is doing ok, although this next week for her will probably be worse than the one before if that is possible. Please continue to pray for her.

I was so happy when Friday arrived and Todd was home from his trip. the boys and I needed a new face here for sure, and the kids went straight to wrestling with him(just a little pent up energy to get rid of). I was anxious to show him all that I had accomplished in the basement. It took all week, but I went through every box, every container of kids clothes, every piece of paper that was down there. I was able to reorganize, throw out, and take inventory of all the boys clothes and baby gear which was my biggest priority. I think it looks great and most importantly I feel lighter with less clutter in my life. Todd has plenty of work ahead of him as well. He has garbage and Goodwill stuff to haul when the weather warms up just a bit.
So, this week has at least a list of 15+ things to do and that is probably good this time of year. I have to post a picture for my mom. I tried to capture the color of the walls in the family room, although it looks better in person. We only have the foyer and 4th bedroom to paint-ahhh


Lisa said...

nice work on all the reorganization. So much done in a week! Hopefully it helped to pass a bit more of this winter. Becca is in our prayers!


Jenny said...

Great job! Wow, you are always an inspiration. I can't believe how much you guys have done to your house. It looks so great. Hang in there.