Monday, January 12, 2009

baby it's cold outside

Trying very hard not to get my first taste of January depression this week. It is snowing at the moment, very cold and they are predicting blizzard conditions with even colder temps-uggg. this all means that they will probably cancel school this afternoon and maybe tomorrow, it will be impossible to get to the gym, and to top it off Todd is on his way to 80 degree Florida for the week-double ugggg. My basement needs to be tackled and this would be the week to do it if
I didn't feel so paralyzed with fear-it will be one of those projects that takes several weeks to get right.
There are a couple of things I am excited about this week and these are why I haven't gone into complete January sadness. My friends Jenny and Corie have both had there beautiful healthy baby boys and I am celebrating for them and kindergarten registration is this week! I think this week would be a great time to choreograph my happy dance for August. It will include lots of spins and kicks, several waves and a ton of hoots and hollers :)


Meri said...

Those boys are too dam cute!!

Murillo Family said...

You can come to Houston! Jeff is out of town until Sunday and it is warmer here than there, although it is "winter" and it might get into the 40's at night. Can you handle that? Hang in there and you can tackle that basement, just look at all you've gotten done so far! I better check into kindergarten registration here!!!

Erin said...

Hey Sarah! It's Erin..I made a blog for my trip to Mexico on this same website. I'll be posting pictures and stories and stuff if you ever want to check it out. Congrats on the news about having a boy!

Jenny said...

Hey Sarah, I suggest you get some good chick flick dvds, some chocolate, some salty popcorn and lock yourself in your room.