Wednesday, January 7, 2009

on a roll

Around this house we have been organizing machines. Since Christmas weekend we have managed to get an amazing amount of tasks on my list crossed off and it is feeling so good. When we moved in to this house this summer I kinda vowed to enjoy the weather instead of work on the house. Then September,October and November came and I was so sick more went undone, but even before the new year I was feeling better and ready to get the things that had been weighing on my mind done. So in the past two weeks we have...

-painted the family room, kitchen and living room
-cleaned and organized a new office space in the guest room/craft room
-reorganized all the Christmas decorations
-organized all financial stuff in preparation to do taxes.
-cleaned out recipes, reorganized recipe binders and reorganized recipe space.
-collected all GoodWill for the next drop off
-Rearranged several cabinets in the kitchen
-and last but certainly not least-cleaned out the forth bedroom(it had become a major catch all since we moved in) so that we could get ready to paint it blue-yep! we are having another BOY :)

I have a ton more to do. Clean the basement, go through some more boxes, get rid of a lot more stuff, sell some things on Craig's list, paint the hall and change out light fixtures to name a few. But the best will be getting ready for our next little ninja turtle to be born!


Jenny said...

Ahh! Yahooo! Love it, you go girl! I am inspired. And, I just want to mention, Todd looks HOT in his leisure suit. Love that he was dancing with the groups of girls, I am picturing it in my mind and cracking up!

Murillo Family said...

WOW! Congratulations on it all. Another boy?! At least you will have an idea of what you are in for. I can't wait to see some pictures of all your hard work!

meri said...

A BOY!!!!!!!!! Bet Jackie wasn't too happy!!!!!!!!


K said...

Yeah! If anyone I know can be a mom to three boys it is you! Congrats!

aunt germaine said...

Congratulations! Another BEAUTIFUL
boy on the way! Love to all of you! Aunt Germaine