Friday, February 24, 2012

giving some blog love

It's hard to believe that we have lived here nearly two years and I have never posted a picture of our basement guest room.  Can it be that I have neglected to share my little pink room? Well, here's a small tour before I get busy getting it done{it's been hanging out half way finished for way too long}.  We painted earlier this fall and did some minor adjustments in the bathroom. 

A mother of three boys needs a pink room. I don't even like pink that much, but in the name of all things feminine, it must be done.

 Yes, that is indeed my portrait hanging in the corner.  Painted when I was fourteen.  It scares me, but I inherited it when my dad moved last month and for him I will try to enjoy it.

The bathroom has a ways to go.  Anyone{mom} want to sew me skirt for the sink.  The plumbing is a little more than I want to look at.

A staging area  is what this room is best used for, although I do think our guests appreciate not having to sleep in the boy's bunk beds. Those look like summer clothes don't they?  Yep,  organizing my beach ware for a Bahamas vacation!  We {Todd and I}leave a week from Sunday.

I splurged on a swimsuit this year.  By splurge I mean I bought one at a department store and not Old Navy.  I had to get it.  It met all my requirements for a suit.  A thick band at the bottom, a ruffle, and padding.  All the necessities to camouflage a flat chest.  Now I just wish the bottoms could camouflage what's going on below the waist, but they don't make swim trousers so I'm out of luck.  I'm having dreams that I'll be stopped on the beach by the crew from "What not to Wear", but it's too late to worry about that now.  I'm taking my chances in hopes that there are bigger messes on the beach than me{and never taking off my swim coverup should help!}

Have a great weekend :)


Becca said...

I noticed your block! I've been missing the posts. Lucky for you you've posted since my last check on your blog! :)

First, I think I've made that bananna bread and it is yummy.

Second, I was about to call you the other day and tell you that you've never posted an after picture of that desk you painted. Great minds must be on the same wave because ther it is!

Third, no fair that you're going to the Bahamas!



Jenny said...

love the girlie room, love it a lot. I don't think the sink needs a skirt, it is not that noticeable. Just my opinion. Wow, have fun on your trip, that sounds great. I am needing to get my butt in gear because I too will need to buy a new swimsuit this year, can't blame it on preggers. You look great so don't worry about the beach and of course there will be some messes there! Am I the only one who wants a better pic of the painting?