Friday, February 10, 2012

gettin' the job done

Do you ever feel like you have tried every gadget, every system, every approach with your children and the results are sometimes more frustrating than not doing anything at all?   Take organizing and cleaning up  toys.  I have seriously tried every bin, every contraption, every approach to help my children keep their things tidy and it wasn't until recently that everyone figured it out.   The same has happened with chores. Sometimes listening to myself yell around about getting jobs done is more than I care to listen to.  I have not paid allowance, I have paid allowance.  I have made job lists, I have simply told them what to do.  Sticker charts, potty mouth fines, groundings, special treats, time out, with holding things, giving extra....all these systems can wear a mom out.  Through all my experience and experimentation, I have found the only thing not frustrating is maturity{theirs, maybe mine too}.  When they are old enough to handle it *gasp* it actually works.  

  This is our job chart{a suggestion from 320 Sycamore} that is working{for now}

I believe it works for one reason and one reason only.  It looks fair.  Visually they know that things are even, and they know that the next week their sibling will have their jobs and I think that makes my "why do I have to do everything" kids feel good. 

I also gave them a raise. I pay allowance for these jobs.  All other jobs are simply responsibilities and always subject to change.  I know there is a huge debate about allowance.  I feel it is a very real world lesson.  You work, you get paid. 

In addition to a raise, I told them I would take them shopping once a month to spend their money{in the past they have begged to go to Target to spend the 2.00 burning in their pockets}.  It is suggested that they save and give from that money.  Some more maturity may be needed to joyfully grasp that concept. Saving and giving are things adults struggle with, I can grant them some grace with that lesson. 

So for now, we have getting the job done harmony.  I'm going to sit back and enjoy it while it lasts.

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Becca said...

great idea! I will be making one of those!