Saturday, October 11, 2008


I have a lousy cold today-bugger! It is probably the the last nice day of the year-80degrees-and all I want to do is sit and blow my little red nose. Despite my ailments, today has been a pretty productive one. I had no choice I guess. I volunteered to have a new member social at my house for MOMS Club later this week, so I had to keep myself on track. I don't want to a freak come Wednesday. The boys spent most of the morning at various neighbors houses and that gave Todd a chance to hang my barn pictures! Yippee! He did a fabulous job, they are perfectly centered and spaced. He always claims I don't appreciate how hard this sort of stuff is, but I really do. I started to measure things out and it made my head hurt even worse than it already was. So a big THANK YOU to Toddy.

this room has major work yet to be done. How long do you think it will take me to get something for all these ridiculous shelves. Good Lord people-I check books out from the library-what the heck am I going to put there. The walls are still waiting for paint, the ceiling fan needs an update, as does the fireplace. The list goes on and on, BUT I love my barns.
It just wouldn't be Fall without mums on the front porch. It is starting to look like a virtual pumpkin patch at our house. I have had to scatter them throughout our landscaping because there is no more room on the porch. Holden came home this afternoon with another. I am going to be one tired mama come carving time.
So I am making a few little things for this MOMS deal on Wednesday. I am crazy for white pumpkins. And I don't need to explain my obsession with tags-you're all well aware :) I glittered a pumpkin(Martha Stewart's line at Michaels has beautiful glitter) and have wrapped the forks and knives. These MOMS chicks don't know me that well. Chances are they will go home thinking I'm a little freaky. I'm not freaky, I'm just have a thing for paper.


K said...

Everything looks beautiful. I wish I could be there to see all the beautiful-ness up close. Everyone will leave your house wishing they could be you, not thinking you are freaky.


PS I spied a pegboard :)

Lisa said...

I love your obsession with tags! You do them up so well.

Murillo Family said...

Love it! I agree with Kristin-they will love it too! And pretty soon they will know about your paper obsession like the rest of us. I want to try those glitter pumpkins-too cute!

Jenny said...

Love the glitter! I agree Martha's is the best!!! I simply adore the tags, owls are a hoot! Those barn pictures are so awesome, good thing you live so far away, I'd be planning a heist otherwise. Of course all those MOMS moms will be so impressed, no worries. Feel better soon.

Corie said...

Looks great! I need you to decorate my house.
I could fill the shelves in two seconds. Put pictures of the boys and some cute fall items.
I wish our fireplace had shelves on the sides.