Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cream Cheese Toast Art

Holden has hit a crafty high, and is now using toast as a medium for his art. "Look mom, a Rhino!" Love it. He is also into freezing water in cups. And the other day I found him pouring frozen veggies and ground flax seed into water for a science experiment. Every time I turn around he is basically into something that he just HAS to use. I haven't heard about other kids doing this-it seems to be only mine that like to make gargantuan messes. Case in point, my children are the ONLY ones muddy after playground time at the Y. There are a million little boys out there, and mine are the ones with mud blocks for shoes. And my conclusion is that other boys respect their mothers. Mine have no idea that they are supposed to listen and then follow their mother's directions. I have seriously told them 5 thousand times to only play in the mud with crocs on, and only at home! The other day I got a rare glimpse into my four year olds head. Todd and I were telling him that Daddy was going out of town for a couple of days. He started to cheer. We asked him why he was so happy. He explained that Todd leaving meant no one would be yelling at him for a couple of days. Oh really? I asked him what about his mom, doesn't she yell at him? He looked at me like that was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard, he seemed slightly confused, and maybe even like he was searching his brain for what that might sound like. I yell ALL the time people! All I ever do is yell, my voice is raised 90% of the day. HE NEVER HEARS ME. Todd and I didn't really know who should more concerned. Him for having kids who love to see him leave, or me. My running around "teaching"(ranting and yelling) all day seems to only scare the neighbors. Maybe they're next door in Time Out and trying to gain some self controll because they hit their brother, and they probably don't even have a brother. UGH!! Asher uses cheeks as his canvas!


going places mommy said...

Cute pictures!
I think I scream in my head, maybe that is your situation too! No one seems to hear me either.

Meri said...

How cute!!

come see me!!!!!

Jenny said...

You are not alone, crafts are way messier than toys, AND my kids think anything can be used for crafts, they hoard toilet paper rolls and cardboard! Love those pictures.

Jenny said...

It's me again, I just noticed your big sweetie Trucker is in this picture waiting so patiently. Give him a treat from me!