Sunday, March 15, 2009

I heart my laundry room

It truly is a bit of a sickness-this organizing thing. Once you have the bug it is just hard to stop, especially this time of year. Here are a few of my favorites at the moment that have made my life easier. I love these over the door shoe pocket thingamajiggies. I have one here in my laundry room that has mainly become my summer/dog stuff organizer and I have one in the coat closet down the hall that holds the kids hats, gloves and warm winter things that will soon become the sandal and croc organizer. Anyways, this is total clutter control and I love it.
Becca suggested these wall pockets and I think they rock! I clearly have one more to hang(although I am no hurry as #3 is not allowed to grow up that fast), but this system right at the back door has been a crazy mom saver. The boys have plenty of hooks for everything and I can use it as well for the bag I grab just heading out the door(extra clothes and such). They love having their own little organizer for school and although this year it has not been essential, next year I think it will be a fabulous system to have in place because I really don't need to go insane.


Becca said...

Is that cheese in the top left pocket? Just wondering...with the pregnancy brain and all :)! Love it...good ideas...and your friend Becca? GENIUS!!! (although I just had to look up how to spell it :)!)
Love you!

Murillo Family said...

Love it! Where did you get the cool pockets and perfecly sized hooks? My first guess is Ikea, second is Target-do I win a prize?