Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So I've been on a mad rearranging streak this summer.  You know, we've been here two years and I get itchy.  But really, it was just that we needed to use some spaces differently.  To me it is not really a challenge to live in a smaller home, but I do find that you have to take "inventory" of spaces more often.  We decided to flip the boy's bedrooms, get rid of our guest room{sorry guests} and then I stole the craft room from the kids to make it my own.  We are all able to spread out a little better, and don't worry guests, there is still a space for you but I won't lie-it's not as nice as my lovely pink guest room was. 

These are the sneak peeks.  Lots of work yet to do.  This fall I'll be able to make a little more progress on it all, but for now....

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Becca said...

Looks wonderful, except the pictures are too small! (who do I sound like?) Could you please take a few days of your trip here to devote to helping me rearrange some stuff at my house? I mean, please, you know what I have to work with...help a sista out!