Tuesday, October 30, 2012

right now...

1.  My mom turns seventy next month.  We{my sisters and I} took her to Palm Springs earlier in October to celebrate{hello girl's weekend!}.  Cheers mom!

2. Nothing says Fall to me like heirloom pumpkins.  Grayblue is my fave.

3. In an attempt to love my fireplace more I finally stenciled the screen that I've been meaning to get to for over a year.  I want a glass insert for the opening, this solution is coming in at barely making me feel better until then. 

4.  I should have been an heirloom pumpkin farmer.  These things are pricey.

5.  Did you know I have two sisters.  I don't think Jen's picture has ever been on the blog.  Why is this?   I think she's guilty of hiding behind the camera as she is always the one snapping great photos, but that has to stop!  Kit,mom and me {on that fabulous girl's weekend-Jen was there but I could use some proof}.

6.  Palm Springs is one seriously beautiful place.  Palm trees, mountains AND the desert.  Did you know it's in California?  My little stay-at-home-self flew all the way there for a weekend{hello a taste of my old independence-is-the-key-to-life-self}.

7.  This is my new jacket.   I heart it in a major way.  It makes me feel cool because I haven't seen any moms in the car line wearing it. 

8.  A football obsession has taken over our house.  Asher has found the love of his life{for the next several years at least}.  Is it just me or do you wish for cool weather too and when it comes you wish you lived in Florida.  As of Saturday we aren't wearing shorts anymore-burrrr.

9.  Roasted beets are the bomb.

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Kristin said...

Weekends away are so lovely. And to such a wonderful place. I'm a little jealous but so happy you had a lovely time. :)