Sunday, November 16, 2008

the power of suggestion

I am a pathetic shopper-retailers should love me. And the grocery store should send me gifts, I buy everything. I don't know anyone who spends more on weekly groceries than I do. Today I went hungry and pregnant to the store-deadly combination. I basically filled the cart with what ever looked good. This has sorta become a habit in the last several weeks, as nothing has tasted or sounded good so when it does I jump at the chance to enjoy it. That would explain my emergency visit to the Thia restaurant, my U turn to get bagels, and my long out of the way drive for seafood gumbo to go. So I walk through the store at the will of what ever they want to sell that week. These are a few of my favorite things-for today :)
I was sooo proud of myself this year for actually planning ahead for teachers gifts. I thought it was a great idea and inexpensive too-can't go wrong with an Amaryllis. Ah yes you can...the teachers sent home a note saying they don't want gifts and if we still feel so inclined to do something to buy craft items for the class room. Although I did find it refreshing that they were honest with what they wanted and are more than likely tired of getting 80 million ugly Christmas ornaments every year, I was sad that my planning was in vain. I will more than likely have another gift to give, so maybe it won't be a total loss. Ummm Dad...Merry Christmas your getting an Amaryllis :)

I know that I am the mother of this little nugget-but I can't get over how beautiful this little number 3 is! I never had so many ultrasounds, so it is fun to see how things have progressed.

You can run, but you can't hide! Trucker can't get out of being dressed up(I make everyone do it) Doesn't he looked pissed-I'm loving it(we have that kind of relationship) A snuggly Sunday night watching movies. I'm gonna go join them!


K said...

Baby #3 DOES look beautiful. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm SO jealous.

Meri said...


you need to come dress up Dollie for a xmas picture for cards! Please!

And blog more!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Glad you have a healthy appetite, that little baby will love all those goodies. Neighbors might like those plants? No worries, you tried! How can your boys just keep getting cuter? Hey dogs cause us a lot of grief, they deserve to be tortured from time to time, just ask Max! He knows he has no choice but to wear whatever ridiculous thing I put on him and not even make a whimper.