Tuesday, November 18, 2008

some progress made

I have been trying to work on the shelves in our family room. When we initially moved into this house I didn't think I could live here two minutes with this oak monster. I was determined to paint it and then decided otherwise, basically because I was scared. It would be a lot of work and could end up looking worse than the wood color. So when my sister said it didn't look bad, just tweak the tile around the fireplace, change out the gold finishes-I happily changed my plan. Although those two things still need to be done, when I started filling the shelves with some new found things I liked all of it much better. I had to borrow hard back books from my dad, and shop the Brass Armadillo a couple times, I even came upon a great shop in the East Village with all sorts of junk-I consider it aged :) Anyways here they are so far, with a couple of shelves yet to go.


Jenny said...

They look great. I would love to have some shelves for "stuff", a trip to the Armadillo always results in a thing I have to find a place for. Keep it up you DIYer you. Thanks for sharing, I wish we could see it in person.

Mer said...