Monday, May 18, 2009

Eight days left on the ticker-hooray! I have an appointment on Wednesday morning. I'm not sure what I want then to tell me. We have considered scheduling an induction, but then a part of me just wants nature to decide his arrival. Todd has a couple trips planned in the beginning of June, so I am anxious to get on with the show. I guess we'll see what happens-either way I'll keep you posted.
Spent the last of my birthday money on a new chair to finish off the living room sitting area.
I have a thing for black furniture so I am loving it. Now I am searching for gold buffalo check fabric to make roman shades for the front windows, and I have a small white stand I want to wallpaper or decopage for the wall behind the chair. Has anyone come across some fabulous paper? Gotta keep the projects going-it keeps me sane.

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Jenny said...

Love the chair! So excited to hear baby news. I wish I could be there to hold him.