Friday, May 15, 2009

will I ever get my groove back?

As I have said before-I have enjoyed every aspect of this pregnancy up until this point. The last couple of weeks of torture on my body will quickly be forgotten just like the first several weeks of morning sickness are . I am officially miserable and could not be more ready to have this baby. This is surely God's design because the thought of sleepless nights is a welcome endeavor compared to the thought of hauling myself up the stairs in a few minutes. The bright spots as I wait to deliver are few and far between I hate to admit.
BUT, a bright spot happened today. The UPS guy drove up and delivered my Gap/Old Navy order-hooray!! These are normal clothes people. They have waistlines and patterns-two things unheard of in my closet for the past million months. I even ordered a new bathing suit-apparently I was feeling VERY confident that night. I did order everything bigger than usual as there is no point just looking at these clothes-I better be wearing them as well. I was looking forward to taking the summer off at the gym, but further thought has made that impossible. I want my damn groove back and it starts with reclaiming my body!

*this blog entry is totally contradictory to yesterdays-I'm pregnant! OK!!!I have permission to change my mind every other minute if it so suits my mood!!!

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Jenny said...

You'll get there, baby steps honey (no pun intended!) You can most certainly change your mind moment to moment, and continue to do so for many months to come, postpartum isn't for wimps! I know you'll be rockin' that bathing suit soon. Anxiously awaiting baby news...