Monday, October 31, 2011

things that wreck me all up {part 1}

Holden turned 8 last week and it has taken me several days to understand how that's happened. Todd and I find ourselves laying in bed often recounting silly things that these boys have said through the years.  Lucky for me, Todd has a great memory for all the precious funny moments.  I can't remember any of them unless I write them down, but he recalls ones that I wouldn't have even noted.  Like when Holden called his grandparents on his third birthday and thanked them for the tappy feet map{a "Happy Feet" poster}, or the time he called Todd a little poopie diaper as he was walking out the garage door to go to work. If only I had  recordings of everything they ever said, of every year of life, then maybe I wouldn't feel like my head was spinning trying to recapture it all.
 Oh how I adore the space between this child's eyebrows.  I know, only a mother could love the bridge of their baby's nose.
 That little worried look has never left his face.  It's just like the first child to always wonder if their mom is doing everything right.  No I am not, but he seems to love me regardless .
 The rolls are long gone, but the need to understand every inch of this person remains.

 I must be trying to kill myself this morning. Why would I read this and think that I can go on with my normal day.

 My all time favorite picture of Holden.  Taken right before he turned one, and right when I began to understand he is just mine on loan.  Entrusted to us by God, on an adventure all his own to discover. 

 Holden on his birthday with his two favorite people.  He is a wonderful, energetic{code word for loud...sometimes obnoxious}, enthusiastic, conscientious, reliable, funny and caring son, brother and friend.  At 8 years old I haven't even lost him yet to video games.  He still loves to play and draw.  He is just learning what he is truly capable of and he should be proud because he keeps us on our toes and at the top of our parenting game at all times.  He is our "Guinea Pig" and Todd and I are just  two people honored to be standing next him. We love you Holden Matthew {every step of the way}.


Becca said...

Love! Just... love...

Happy Birthday Holden!

Jenny said...

Gulp! Holy cow Sarah, you killed me too. I love that boy too. He will always be a roly poly toddler to me, even when he is a giant in high school. I agree that first borns are definitely checking up on us 'rents all the time.

Happy birthday sweet Holden, hope all your wishes come true.

Kristin said...

This won't make you feel any better but.....

He looks so old! How did that happen? I agree with Jenny he will always be a "little" to me. It's crazy how fast they grow up.

Happy Birthday Holden!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Holden! Lots of love from Madison & Tina
Sarah love all that you share on here I look forward to your post. God Bless!