Tuesday, November 1, 2011

things that wreck me up part 2 {the cute, the sad, and the just plain frustrating} and Halloween 2011

 Every year the classrooms at Rocky Hill make a t-shirt for the kids to wear on outings and special days.  Look at Asher's self portrait.  He's so darn happy that his smile has run into to his eyeballs.  Loving that boy like crazy.  Too cute!
 This came home the other day in Holden's folder.  It took me by surprise and made me sad{Drake is Holden's BFF in Iowa}.  I miss our friends in our old neighborhood at least once day.  Still.  I was just hoping that it wasn't so fresh for the boys.  I guess it is.
 Can we talk Christmas cards.  Every single year I struggle with these darn things but love them all at the same time.  When my mom visits in the Fall she tries to get our family picture so I have it for cards in December.  OUR PLAN NEVER WORKS! This picture is pretty darn cute don't you think. Kids are all smiling.  The house in the back isn't ideal although I could have made it work. BUT, what the heck is my husband doing??  There best be a naked person walking down the street.  That would be the ONLY good excuse for taking your eyes off the task at hand!!

 Happy Halloween!  Look, the same naked person has caught Asher's eye.
This raggedy group was excited to be out on the town last night.  We were the only group out trick or treating.  To say we have an un-lively street is an understatement, but I will say that there were a lot of porch lights on.  Three times as many as last year.  I think it safe to say that the boys at 1504 have woken this sleepy neighborhood up!


Jenny said...

Love every picture. I am cracking up, naked person! Ha, I am dreading, absolutely dreading a Christmas card photo shoot. The boys look adorable in their costumes. MMMMMMWack! (Kisses to them)

Anonymous said...

i think maybe a BIG truck was just driving down the street. not a naked person. : ) love the pics! thanks

Becca said...

Oh what a perfect picture {besides Todd...sorry Todd} could you photoshop his eyes? lol.

Love all the pics! Kindergarten shirt is too cute! I'm sure Drake misses Holden too. All your best friends left behind are missing you...


Jenny said...

I really look forward to your blog daily, you are so great!