Thursday, November 3, 2011

faux is fun

Not much progress has been made in the kitchen.  We still need trim, still need to paint, still have plenty to do.  But, when my mom was here we got busy on a faux roman shade for the window.  It would not have turned out so well without her help-thanks mom!  I love the fabric, and although the window still looks all weird without the trim pieces and stuff, I love the shade.  I thought this was a pretty brilliant way to spend very little money on a window covering.  I think the Nester would be proud.  This is certainly a window mis-treatment.  Here is the blog I stole the directions from.

 I used four spring poles and about enough fabric to cover half the length of the window. I would say the whole thing cost about 50 dollars.  I think that's awesome considering a roman shade in fabric that I would have been settling for would be at least 150.00! Hoot Hoot for no-sew faux! 

{the next two pictures fall into the "wreck me up" category}

Speaking of my mom and her amazing ability to get the job done for me. We miss her! We had so much fun with her, not to mention she helped me decorate and she cleaned my windows!  Love you Gabby! We are all thinking about you! 

This little guy is especially feeling her absence.  She has been gone a week and he is still talking about snuggling with her. What a little lover he is{after you chase him down and demand he take the time to kiss you}.  This is his school picture for the year.  I'm in love.  I was actually considering a haircut for him today until I say this photo.  Some dork called him a girl at church and I was thinking it just might be time to get rid of that precious messy hair, but now I think he can wait a little longer. 

Hope you are all having a fabulous week.  I'll be back soon...


Becca said...

Oh! That picture of Sloan wrecks me! My heart is aching!

I love the window mis-treatment :). Very clever and very cute!

Becca said...

What the heck!!!??? Are you on strike or somethin'?
I miss you and love you! xxoo