Thursday, November 17, 2011

Todd is our D.J.

My husband{the one who gets upset about never making this blog}is crazy about music. He comes home every week, if not every day, with a list of songs to download.  "You've heard this one haven't you??" he says in his slightly arrogant tone we have all learned to love over the years.  "Ummm nope", I say, "You clearly confuse me with someone who doesn't drive around with little impressionable people!"  He then "educates" me on the happenings of music in the world that I am not currently a part of.  He has eclectic taste and I like it. He plays his music loud, the kids dance, sometimes he says the words remind him of me, I then decide I like the song a little more.  He is our house D.J and he does it well.

Last week we had a date{gasp}night seeing one of his favorite bands{from college}, The Pixies.  We had a great time.  He was excited to see a fabulous band, I was happy to get out of the house.  Live music is always inspiring, even when your not a die hard fan{I am a 90's failure as I knew not even a single song}. He will continue  to school me on music. I look forward to the day when concerts happen more than every 4 years, and vow to stay cool for my kids sake{and Todd's!}.

Some crazy guy was nice enough to take our pictures.  It was fun to be back in the black clothes and tattoos crowd.

Todd would like to educate you as well{I mean why should I be the only one}.  Enjoy The Pixies...or don''s not his concern. One thing I've learned about D.J.s is the playlist isn't made for you{or me, or anyone else for that matter}.

This monkey is going to bed.  Good night.

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